TULA learners engage in a mix of interesting activities:

1. ACAD Boosters

Each program starts with diagnostics. Learners are then put on a personal learning path and given activities to explore concepts. They engage in practice exercises on their own to strengthen their ability to recall the concepts and solve related problems.

2. Games

Practice can and should be fun, so TULA sessions regularly have a variety of team-based games designed to practice knowledge and skills in a fun interactive way.

3. Missions

Missions are TULA’s core project-based learning approach to help learners develop the ideal attitude, character, and skills while at the same time strengthening their English and Science. Learners embark on 2-3 month long missions where they investigate real-world problems and then derive their own solutions.

These are typically full of scientific activities where learners build models (e.g., solar ovens). As learners progress, they are forced to practice a variety of character traits, attitudes, and skills, whilst coaches observe them and give them hints or feedback to improve. Topics are relevant and interesting such as Mad Food Scientists (how food affects the body) or From Shoes to Spaceships (how different forms of transport work).

4. Reflection

Every session always ends with reflection where learners practice mindfulness techniques and reflect on what they achieved and learned that day, recording it in their journals. Learners who demonstrate high levels of certain traits are also recognised publicly by coaches during this time.