TULA was founded in April 2015 by two education entrepreneurs, James Centenera and Fenton Whelan, who met whilst consultants at a leading global consultancy, McKinsey and Company.

Over the last decade, they had helped improve public and private school systems in the developing world. They found that millions of busy parents want to invest further in education to supplement schooling and help their children grow. James and Fenton felt the need to apply innovative new learning models to help children prepare for the 21st century.

TULA is based on innovative practices pioneered by world-leading education institutions from the USA, the UK, Singapore, Australia, and across the globe.


TULA aims to reinvent learning to help everyone reach their full potential. Schools are doing their best to help kids learn and grow but it takes a while for schools to implement changes. Most startups focus on helping schools improve. Our focus is on improving learning that exist outside of these institutions.


We aim to reach 10 million children and young people in 10 years, providing them with high quality and affordable learning opportunities.