We come from diverse backgrounds, but share a common purpose: to transform learning and help millions of kids succeed.


James is the Chairperson of TULA and a Co-Founder. After volunteering as a teacher in Nepal and working with McKinsey, he joined the world’s leading education company, Pearson. He helped spread innovative education ventures throughout the developing world. One of his projects was to establish and lead operations at APEC Schools, a chain of affordable private high schools supported by Ayala and Pearson.


Elise is TULA’s Chief Operating Officer and a Co-Founder. She designed TULA’s operational systems and now leads operations across the network. Since college, Elise has been pursuing her passions in the fields of development, education, and writing. She has worked as a recruitment and development associate with Teach for the Philippines and as the academic director of A-HA! Learning Center, a free after-school tutorial program for public school students in Makati. Elise graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Comparative Literature from the University of the Philippines


Mara is TULA’s Chief Innovation Officer and a Co-Founder. She is responsible for learner development and growth. This includes ensuring learning coaches are well-trained in innovative techniques and that learning materials are both highly interesting and trigger great learning. Prior to joining, Mara pursued her interest in education and development by serving as a volunteer with rural communities in Tanzania and Kenya. There she witnessed the truly transformative power of education and sought to devote herself to educating young minds, by working as an English and Christian Life Education elementary school teacher. She graduated cum laude with a degree in Psychology and a Minor in Education from the Ateneo de Manila University.


Raya is TULA’s Community Engagement Manager. She is responsible for managing the organization’s marketing, outreach, and partnership campaigns. She also produces TULA’s online content, and leads internal and external activities for promotion. Prior to joining, Raya pursued her interest in writing by working as a Public Relations Specialist under the media team of a local government official. Her role exposed her to different community problems and she was tasked to lead the development of progressive community plans. She eventually realized that education should be extended especially to those at the fringes of society, so she decided to join TULA to help expand its community. She has a degree in Journalism and was a consistent academic scholar and a recognized President’s lister from the University of the East.


Gen is TULA’s Learning Manager. She spearheads content creation and content management at TULA. In addition to developing fun and relevant learning experiences for the learners, she also leads centers and other coaches. Since college, Gen has been interested in a lot of advocacies—environment, gender equality, social justice, and peace. The beginning of her career served as a way to explore these advocacies. First, she explored public health by working with barangay health leaders. Then, she explored environmental, social, and governance issues as an ESG analyst at MSCI. Finally, she realized the role that education plays in all these issues and sought to become an intersectional educator. She graduated as an Environmental Science Institute scholar with a degree in Environmental Planning and Management from Miriam College.

Z is TULA’s Operations Manager. She works closely with the coaches to maintain effective center operations. Prior to joining, Z served as an entrepreneur leading various businesses focused on developing sustainable solutions. Moving through different areas of the business has developed her skills in unlocking innovations and driving efficient systems forward. Besides education, her passion lies in empowering learners and colleagues to thrive and realize their potential. Her current role allows her to combine her passions of education and developing people. Z graduated with a degree in Management and a Minor in Sustainability from the Ateneo de Manila University and an Integrated Masters in Management from Télécom Business School.

We don’t have teachers, we have learning coaches. Learning Coaches guide and mentor children through interesting experiences as they build their mindset, practice skills, and character traits, and acquire knowledge. They act as motivators, guides, role models, and mentors.

Our coaches are exclusively from the top universities in the Philippines such as University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila, De La Salle University, and the University of Santo Tomas. They are trained in the latest global teaching practices.