“In my 2 months at TULA, l learned a lot of things that I can use at home and in other places. To all my coaches, thank you for helping, caring and giving advice on how to become a good leader not only to my group but to others as well. I will share the knowledge and skills I learned to other kids so they can become legends in their own ways.

Symmon Coliat

10 years old, Pio del Pilar

“Tula is fun, we get to learn new skills and make things that weren’t invented yet.

Tea Villalon, 8 years old

Assumption College San Lorenz


“My son, Paul Rancid, gets easily distracted and had some episodes of anxiety and tantrums. But thanks to TULA, he improved a lot. I’ve learned that he now participates in activities, connects with new friends and tries his best all the time. He became more patient and compassionate especially towards his baby brother.

Marielle Barreta on Rancid

9 years old, San Antonio Elementary School

“After a few months at TULA, I’ve observed big changes in the way Niegel reacts. She’s more responsible now. She takes more initiative to lead her team and she seems to genuinely enjoy doing all their experiments.

Maricar Seneca on Niegel Tamayo

7 years old, La Paz Elementary School

“My daughter, Ailish, told me that she not only learned the real meaning of bravery, collaboration, grit, resilience, and optimism, but learned how to apply it in her everyday life. She also learned how to think of a solution in every problematic situation she’s in step-by-step, and when asked how she was able to think about it, she told us “I learned that from TULA!

Venus Espina on Ailish Espina

10 years old, Makati Hope Christian School


“TULA provided us with a free learning post for 100 Grade VI and 105 Grade III students. We highly recommend partnering with TULA, as they use innovative educational techniques. Their services helped our students develop their comprehension and other important skills.

Emelita Cajigal

Public School Principal

“TULA provided us with a free learning post that ran for eight weeks from September to October 2015 for 160 Grade 3 students. We highly recommend partnering with TULA, as they offer a holistic curriculum that covers character, attitude and skills, in addition to academic subjects.

Macon Estacio

Student Activities Center Head, Assumption College San Lorenzo